With Tech Toys Everywhere Christmas Could Cost Santa Lots of Money

Just in time for Christmas it is being reported that kids want tech toys from Santa. It doesn’t matter if it’s:

  • Video games
  • Radio-controlled flying drones
  • Touchscreen tablets

Mom and Dad need to face it – kids today want toys with tech. In many cases, there is a blurring of the lines between programming and playing. There are also a few of the buzzworthy robotic toys that are ready to launch for the Christmas Season.


Try lay-away

Of course with the fusing of tech and toy makes the toys cost a lot more. Perhaps “lay away” needs to be used this year. That is when you buy the toys early and pay on them weekly. You pick them up from the store after they are paid for.

Shop Early

Or, you could take out a small loan and again buy the toys early and you will not have to fight at the last moment for the toy-tech or tech-toy. You don’t want to wait until the last moment to go Santa shopping! Parents can get hurt waiting for the last minute to shop for a really popular toy.