Christmas Is Nearly Here – Santa Claus Needs to Buy Gifts Early

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Well, Mom and Dad – Christmas is not far away and the kids are wanting expensive toys this year. Tech toys are what boys and girls all want. They want robotic toys that are going to be launched soon for the Christmas Season.

That is what they are saying on They are suggestion that parents and Santa Claus shop early as they can buy these expensive toys in some different ways this year.


If you are living paycheck to paycheck – shop early and try layaway. This fusing of tech and toy will make these toys cost a bit more. So “lay away” is good to use. That way you can buy the toys early and pay for them every week. You will get the toys after they are paid for. That gives you 8 to 10 weeks to buy for Christmas. And won’t it be nice Christmas Day to have no large bills staring you in the face.

Shop early

Plus you will beat all the website traffic and have all your shopping done early. Many of the big box store are offer layaway for Christmas.

Small Loan

Are you could get a loan so that you can shop early. The importance of this Christmas is that you need to be shopping early – most stores were overstocked the last 2 years so their inventories may be smaller for this holiday season.

Wish There Were a Real Santa Claus

article 1While shopping at MoyToy to see what they are saying about Christmas, there was an excellent article that is sure to make website traffic to big box stores go off the charts especially as more and more parents realize this Christmas Santa Claus is going to need to shell out a big chunk of change.

Why you asked? Kids want Santa Claus to bring mostly electronic toys with the high sticker prices. Now it doesn’t matter what you buy the kids as long as the games or toys are in the following categories:

  • Radio-controlled flying drones
  • Touchscreen tablets
  • Video games

Video games might not be that expensive but touchscreen tablets, and radio-controlled flying drones?  You have to believe that these two items are going to cost a pretty penny. It is suggested that you become part of  the website traffic to some of the websites to check out the prices of some of these items so you can start looking for sales as well as learning how expensive some of the toys are really  going to be.

This is the one thing that makes Christmas stressful – the money we spend for our kids at Christmas. I would love it if there really was a Santa Claus as it is not about the money but often about the shopping for kids. I could just send a check and a list to Santa Claus and let him worry about it.

With Tech Toys Everywhere Christmas Could Cost Santa Lots of Money

Just in time for Christmas it is being reported that kids want tech toys from Santa. It doesn’t matter if it’s:

  • Video games
  • Radio-controlled flying drones
  • Touchscreen tablets

Mom and Dad need to face it – kids today want toys with tech. In many cases, there is a blurring of the lines between programming and playing. There are also a few of the buzzworthy robotic toys that are ready to launch for the Christmas Season.


Try lay-away

Of course with the fusing of tech and toy makes the toys cost a lot more. Perhaps “lay away” needs to be used this year. That is when you buy the toys early and pay on them weekly. You pick them up from the store after they are paid for.

Shop Early

Or, you could take out a small loan and again buy the toys early and you will not have to fight at the last moment for the toy-tech or tech-toy. You don’t want to wait until the last moment to go Santa shopping! Parents can get hurt waiting for the last minute to shop for a really popular toy.